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Model Tests and Old Year Papers Coming Soon

Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) is an all India exam that aims to test the grasp of concepts and knowledge of subjects in various disciplines of Engineering and Technology. The GATE scores are indicative of the relative performance of a candidate and are used for admission to post graduate engineering programs like M.E., M. Tech or PhD in Indian institutes of higher learning that receive financial assistance from the Government of India. GATE scores are also often used by Public Sector Units for employment screening purposes.

GATE 2013 exam format has been changed substantially as compared to that of 2012. In the 2013 exam, 15 of the 21 subjects that candidates can opt forshall be available for testing as online computer based tests also, in addition to the offline pen and paper tests of previous years. This is as compared to only 6 subjects that were available for online testing in 2012.

In view of this increased shift towards online testing, EduwizardS has designed and perfected an Online Exam and Testing Software that has a host of features and advantages built in that can enhance and augment the existing testing facilities of any educational institution or coaching centre. Client test questions and data can be easily uploaded into the EduwizardS test engine and a variety of test packages can be created. GATE testing system is available in online and CD modes. Users can take CD based tests as many times as they want. GATE CD tests and GATE online testing system are much needed help for GATE 2013 aspirants. Each test is followed by in depth analysis and detailed report with section-wise appraisal, negative marking, time parameters, strong and weak areas etc. Complete explanation is provided for each question which helps student understand the correct way of solving GATE questions and master GATE 2013 syllabus. Also, taking computer based tests for GATE 2013 students get familiar with the online mode which helps them when they appear for actual GATE 2013 exam. The Exam Software Test Engine by EduwizardS is especially relevant for the GATE Online Test since it enables uploading of vastly diverse test questions of different engineering disciplines and to deliver a comprehensive product that can meet the needs of coaching institutes and individual students alike.

With future developments in Online Testing in India in mind, even though the EduwizardS test engine has been perfected for MCQs, we have already provided for other types of input too including fill-in-the-blanks, and short sentence and paragraph answers. Given that the GATE Online Exam format may undergo some changes in the coming years, we can easily meet such changes that the GATE online test patterns may require.

The GATE exam is too important for any student to take lightly and aspiring candidates would be well advised to take advantage of this unique product from EduwizardS to hone their online test-taking skills. By judicious use of our test engine, students can tackle these new generation tests with a confidence that can only be achieved by continuous practice.

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