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The below exam IIT JEE has been replaced by JEE (Advanced). Please see JEE (Advanced) for details.

We at EduwizardS believe that Online Tutoring is the future of the education industry and the virtual classroom is where more and more students will seek their learning solutions. Aspiring students for the IIT JEE can acquire that cutting edge advantage by enrolling for the comprehensive solutions offered by Eduwizards. This is the place where students can get expert guidance sitting at home from qualified tutors, most of them ex-IITians themselves, without wasting precious time and resources in trudging to and from coaching centres.

EduwizardS offers aspiring candidates for IIT JEE the unique opportunity of identifying their weaknesses and work on these areas specifically till all doubts are removed to their complete satisfaction. Our programs are designed in a manner that encourages the individual student to work on his problems in real time and have them checked out by qualified experts who are always at hand to explain, guide and mentor. Online tutoring sessions can be an amazing one-to-one experience for students, where the tutor is present solely for guiding and teaching the particular individual student. Such exclusive attention to each student's strengths and weaknesses, doubt clearing and honing of test-taking skills are sure to pay rich dividends at exam time.

IIT JEE online tutoring by EduwizardS shall benefit prospective candidates by offering solutions not only to their weak areas in general, but also give them a chance to systematically cover the entire syllabus for Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. Our online tutoring experts shall take the student through each subject, with tutoring sessions specially designed to tackle the complexities of the IIT JEE question paper and encourage themto solve the problems on their own with relentless practice and question and answer sessions. EduwizardS tutors for IIT JEE are often themselves IIT alumnae, with a thorough understanding of the examination process and it is this deep underlying knowledge of the same that uniquely qualifies them for this specialised function.

IIT JEE online tutoring makes full use of mock tests, past years' question papers, model papers etc. and each session shall be finely tuned to cater to the individual student's needs. We at EduwizardS believe that there is no short cut to success and our tutors drive the students hard towards achieving their goals. They make the students toil hard, and themselves work harder, taking pride in guiding them towards ultimate success.

We also have online test series and tests on CDs available for these subjects:

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10 Model Tests, 13 Previous Year Papers, 5 Full Tests for Class 11 syllabus, 5 Full Tests for Class 12 Syllabus and Option to Create your own Test
10 Previous Year AIPMT Papers, 10 Model AIPMT Tests, 5 Full Tests for class 11 AIPMT syllabus and 5 Full Tests for class 12 AIPMT Syllabus Option to Create your own Test
10 Model Tests, 5 Previous Year Papers
Model Tests - Coming Soon
Model Tests - Coming Soon
Model Tests - Coming Soon

In addition to above we cover all other exams (Customized) for coaching institutes, publishers, etc.

The below exam IIT JEE has been replaced by JEE (Advanced). Please see JEE (Advanced) for details.