Complete Solution for All Institutional Testing Needs!

  • Eduwizards enables its clients to provide assessments/testing on all input devices. Besides Online (Web-based), Eduwizards can make tests available on CD/DVD, Pen-Drive (USB) and SD Card. Our Android & iOS apps allow tests to work on mobile and tablets. All these technologies are ready and available today.
  • All content on input devices is protected by full encryption. A basic feature is that a Test will install only once. For example, a CD/DVD installation will run on only one computer because of unique activation code associated with each CD/DVD. Activation Code will be transmitted/received via internet (automatically) or via SMS/Text.
  • Internet is not required to take tests on various devices, and student will be able to see full solution and result analysis of attempted test, without ever connecting to the internet. Student has Sync option to connect via internet and compare attempted tests to larger group who took same test.
  • Even for Online (Web-based) testing, student has test-download/results-upload option so that no internet is required while taking test.
  • Eduwizards can put other content such as Video-Lectures, Study Material etc. along with the Online Testing, thus allowing clients to offer a larger package.
  • Eduwizards is a multinational corporation incorporated in USA & India. With Eduwizards you will have access to world-class and next-generation upcoming technology. Thus our clients stay one step ahead by choosing Eduwizards as their technology partner.
  • Eduwizards has now introduced Adaptive Testing to India.
  • For Engineering (JEE Main, JEE Advanced), Medical (AIPMT/NEET), Banking (IBPS, SBI) Eduwizards can also provide exam questions with full solutions. These are exclusively made for Eduwizards by top faculty at coaching institutes.
(WEB Based)
  • Model Tests
  • Previous Year Tests
  • Chapter Tests
  • Create Your Own Test
  • Question Bank
  • Instant Test Result
  • Detailed Result Analysis
  • Question-wise Explanations
  • Dashboard View: Student Performance Data, Analysis & Notice Board Report
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Students Tests on Mobile/Tablets and SD Card Available for Android & iOS
  • Download Free Apps
  • Contains Testing & Assessment Software
  • Detailed Result Analysis
  • Question-wise Explanations
  • No internet connection required to take tests
  • Tests can be downloaded quickly
  • Tests taken can sync using internet, for comparison with other test-takers
  • SD Card will contain both App and Content
Students Tests on CD/DVD and USB/Pen-Drive
  • CD/DVD and USB/Pen-Drive with your Branding (Inst. Name, Logo)
  • Contains Testing & Assessment Software
  • Tests include Model, Previous Year & Chapter Tests
  • Any Customization is Welcome
  • Detailed Result Analysis
  • Question-wise Explanations
  • Internet NOT required
  • One CD/DVD and USB/Pen-Drive activated for One System only
(Software for you)
  • Get our Blank Test Engine Software
  • Input Your Own Questions : Multiple Choice, True & False, Multiple Response, Short Response, Gridded Response & Extended Response
  • Create Your Own Tests
  • Detailed Result Analysis
  • Complete Solutions
  • Dashboard View : Student Performance Data, Analysis & Notice Board Report
(Customizing Option)
  • Your own Educational Website / Portal
  • with your own Branding (Inst. Name, Logo, Images, Info)
  • with integrated Online Testing Software
  • with integrated Online Payment Gateway
  • Your Own Tests - Any Customization
  • Our Tests - Model, Previous Year, Chapter Tests & Question Bank
  • Detailed Result Analysis
  • Dashboard View : Student Performance Data, Analysis & Notice Board Report
(OMR Based)
  • Scanning Services for OMR sheets
  • Your Own Tests (Any Customization is Welcome)
  • Our Tests (Model, Previous Year, Chapter Tests & Question Bank)
  • Detailed Result Analysis
  • Complete Solutions
  • Reports uploaded to your Website
  • Fast Turnaround Time and Precision