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◊ Free - NCERT Accountancy Solutions for Class XI (Coming Soon)

Accountancy is introduced at the +2 stage of senior secondary education conducted by the CBSE. Its study is becoming increasingly important with the continuing change in the economic scenario and consequent fluctuations in the business environment. The study of accountancy as a subject assumes greater importance as more and more companies realize the vital role it plays in communicating the financial health or otherwise of a company to shareholders, government and to the public in general.

Students of classes 11th & 12th of CBSE, planning to appear for their final examinations in Accountancy are often at a loss to find adequate resources to make their preparation easier and to improve their marks. EduwizardS has now stepped in with a unique online testing product that shall go a long way in lessening the burden of CBSE accountancy students preparing for the exams. The web based accountancy testing program offered by EduwizardS is designed to test students on each section of the CBSE curriculum and contains hundreds of multiple choice questions (MCQs), objective type questions, sample tests, test papers, model papers etc. and presents the student with ample opportunity to test his preparation for the exams. There are multiple assignments on different parts of the accountancy syllabus and the test engine is structured to give analytical feedback of student performance so as to enable self assessment by the student.

Students of CBSE class 11 shall find elaborate coverage in the form of questions and answers and exercises of both parts A and B of the accountancy syllabus. By opting for this testing service, students shall be able to tackle confidently all six units of part A and the four units that comprise part B. Class 12 students will also find our online test prep series for accountancy ideally suited to complement their own preparation for the exams. There is complete attention to detail for Part A (Accounting for non-profit organizations, partnership firms and companies) and Part B ( Financial Statement Analysis ) and care has been taken to ensure that all topics have been treated with equal importance and thoroughness.

The EduwizardS online testing service for the CBSE Accountancy curriculum lays a unique tool in the hands of the students that permits them complete flexibility in terms of place, time and effort, unlike classroom tests that have to be taken in a fixed place and time. Students who opt to utilize this service and use the exhaustive content provided therein, shall benefit enormously and shall reap rich dividends on exam day.