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The CBSE biology examination questions often seem tricky to students and the only way to successfully crack the examination is to get the right tools to prepare for these exams in an effective way. By learning how to prepare for the final examination, students can conquer all obstacles to tackle the biology exam with confidence and expect an excellent result.

EduwizardS, the leaders in online education, have launched a series of web based test-prep products specially designed for students who are preparing for the CBSE examination. The EduwizardS biology test-prep program is designed to give students the desired edge in their preparation leading up to the exam and help them boost their confidence as well as marks in the subject. The biology online diagnostic tests from EduwizardS have been created by experts in the subject who are familiar with the CBSE curriculum and have an in-depth knowledge of the current trends in question of CBSE exam papers. Our test-prep series in Biology is presented in a style that makes it easy for the student to comprehend. We have made use of well-researched study aids like MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions), objective type questions, sample papers, test papers, and guess questions and answers to help the student test and fortify his knowledge of Biology. By making intelligent and sustained use of our tests, students can look forward to continuous self-assessment and improvement, and hence identify their strengths and weaknesses much before the real test. Such an exercise shall not only help in more thorough preparation but also lower anxiety levels before the exam.

The EduwizardS test-prep product for CBSE biology contains thousands of questions along with answers, encompassing all the units that comprise the curriculum for classes 11th & 12th. Each section of the test also has sample assignments to enable the student to hone his test taking skills and be able to gauge his performance. For class 11, all five units of the biology curriculum, viz., Diversity in the living world, Structural organization in plants, Cell: structure and function, Plant physiology and Human physiology have received the most thorough attention and users shall find themselves answering thousands of questions covering all the most major topics and even the seemingly minor ones that may seem insignificant on their own. Likewise, all the five units for class 12 have received similar detailed treatment and nothing has been left to chance.

Through their test-prep series for CBSE biology, EduwizardS have presented CBSE biology students with a unique opportunity to enhance their marks in the subject and hence do well in the examination. Sustained efforts can produce good results, but making use of the right study tools can really help students ace the test!

EduwizardS Free NCERT Biology Solutions

EdwizardS is one of the leading education portals engaged in helping students achieve their full potential in negotiating the NCERT Biology text books. They have entrusted the task of preparing the free online NCERT biology solutions to the most experienced and highly qualified faculty. Students using this product can rest assured that the free NCERT biology solved questions/answers and notes offered are thoroughly researched and backed by years of teaching experience. EduwizardS provides students with online study material that is compliant with both CBSE and ICSE Boards. Biology NCERT Solutions offered by EduwizardS is a cost effective and online study option that can address students needs for Biology NCERT study material.