Business Studies
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With the rapidly changing Indian economy, it has become necessary that students understand the basics of business principles and practices and the bearing they have on commerce in particular, and society in general. Courses in Business Studies are introduced at the + 2 stage of senior secondary education and classroom studies in the subject are aimed at making the students aware of the dynamic nature of business and how technology, natural resources and human endeavor are woven together to run a business enterprise successfully.

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By using our test preparation package, students shall find that every chapter and topic of the curriculum has been systematically covered by a multitude of questions. For example for class 11, Part A- Foundations of Business- consisting of sub units like Nature and purpose of Business, Forms of Private organizations, Public, Private and Global organizations, Business services etc. has been given saturation coverage and there are questions for every possible facet of each topic that may find its way into the exam paper. The class 12 syllabus for Business Studies is also similarly covered and students shall be pleasantly surprised to find their revision progressing much more methodically and swiftly as a result of this study aid.

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