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Preparing for the CBSE chemistry exams for classes 11th & 12th is not only a tricky job for most students, but also a task that requires strong determination, concentration, long hours of study, and perseverance. A primary objective of any CBSE test preparation service is for it to have a structure and design that replicates as closely as possible the conditions of the actual exam so as to enable the user to be completely at ease with the test even before the actual examination day. Modern technology available to us has made it easier than ever before for us to get access to excellent online resources to prepare for the CBSE chemistry examination.

CBSE chemistry test help for students of classes 11th and 12th is here - brought to you by EduwizardS. EduwizardS have put together a unique package of thousands of chemistry questions, both multiple choice and objective type along with sample papers, test papers, guess papers and sample assignments that would alleviate the exam anxiety of hundreds or thousands of students who opt to use them. The EduwizardS test prep help module is so designed for both classes that it begins with questions on the fundamentals and then expertly moves on to the more difficult phases in a student's understanding of the subject.

In the CBSE syllabus for class 11, there are a total of fourteen units that need to be covered thoroughly by a student. The EduwizardS online testing service takes the student through all these in succession, starting from 'Some basic concepts of Chemistry' and moving onto 'Structure of atom', 'Classification of Elements', 'Chemical Bonding' and finally ending with 'Environmental Chemistry'. Each unit is covered by its own set of questions. Care has been taken to make sure that all aspects of each unit have received equal attention and no effort has been spared to make each section as comprehensive as possible.

For class 12 also, the EduwizardS test help and preparation program has saturation coverage for all sixteen units that comprise the CBSE syllabus. We have even gone a step further and included solved assignments for the student to sharpen his skills on and have also included a section on Laboratory work and practical sections of the syllabus.

We at EduwizardS are sure to have put together a valuable product that shall go a long way in helping students to achieve improved scores in their CBSE exams and boost up their confidence level. We are confident that those who make the wise decision of using these tests shall emerge winners.

EduwizardS Free NCERT Chemistry Solutions

Chemistry NCERT Solutions offered by EduwizardS are a sure-footed way for students to do well in the CBSE Board Exams. The free NCERT Chemistry answers provided by EduwizardS is a complete package for learning fast and mastering the concepts laid down in the NCERT Chemistry text books in an effective manner that makes the task of exam-taking a simple matter. Free NCERT Chemistry solutions offered by EduwizardS are a comprehensive product in which each chapter is treated independently and the concepts therein explained in a lucid manner. The subject matter is liberally interspersed with appropriate examples that leave no room for doubt in a student's mind. Questions after each chapter laid down in the NCERT Chemistry text books have been answered in full detail with step-wise solutions.