Computer Science
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Computer science is an immense field with vast scope that encompasses several sub fields such as computer graphics, computer programming and languages, human-computer interaction etc. The focus of computer science is on understanding the properties of the programs used to implement software such as games and web browsers, and utilizing that knowledge to create new programs or improve existing ones. Computer Science is an optional subject for classes 11th and 12th of the CBSE Board Examination and students who opt for this high-scoring subject shall welcome the unique online testing and revision product offered by EduwizardS.

By using the online test prep program put together by EduwizardS, serious students of Computer Science shall find that their task of preparing for the final examination has been greatly simplified. Not only will they find that the entire computer science syllabus for classes 11th and 12th has been systematically and comprehensively covered in adequate detail but extensive use has been made of sample papers, past years question papers, multiple choice questions, objective type questions etc. to aid the student in preparing for the exam. Such an approach to the study of the computer science curriculum will serve to boost the confidence level of the user ahead of the exam and permit him to have advance knowledge of his strong and weak areas, thus enabling him to prepare accordingly.

Students shall find that all parts of the Computer Science syllabus have been given excellent coverage and no effort has been spared in ensuring a well organized and perfectly designed online revision product. The Computer Science online testing and revision program aims to cover all aspects of the study of the subject and endeavors to make the student proficient in meeting all the learning objectives - from understanding the problem statement, developing the logic for problem solving, right up to developing and exploring the world of communication and networks. All four units of the class 11 Computer Science theory paper, viz., Computer Fundamentals, Programming Methodology, Introduction to Programming in C++ and Computer System Organization have received equal and comprehensive attention and shall serve the student admirably in his preparation. Similar treatment has been given to the class 12 syllabus also.

By making judicious use of this excellent online learning tool offered by EduwizardS, CBSE Computer Science students shall find themselves approaching the final examination with reassuring confidence.