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◊ Free - NCERT Mathematics Solutions for Class X (Coming Soon)
◊ Free - NCERT Mathematics Solutions for Class IX (Coming Soon)
◊ Free - NCERT Mathematics Solutions for Class VIII (Coming Soon)
◊ Free - NCERT Mathematics Solutions for Class VII (Coming Soon)
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EduwizardS, the pioneers in Online education, have a series of web-based programs for online testing and test preparation which are highly effective for CBSE students. The EduwizardS mathematics testing service has been specially designed with the aim of helping Mathematics students prepare for the final exams by taking mock tests and attempting sample papers, guess papers, practice tests and model mathematics papers. By doing so, students not only get vital practice in the subject, but are also able to assess themselves, and know their strengths and weaknesses so as to be able to work towards removing them before the actual exam.

The EduwizardS testing service for Mathematics has been structured and designed by expert tutors, thoroughly familiar with the CBSE curriculum. The web based tests are designed for all classes 6-12. The questions have been framed in such a way that all facets of the CBSE Mathematics syllabus have received minute attention. There is a multitude of multiple choice questions (MCQs) and objective type questions and the past years' papers have been used as a guide to formulate and predict the trend for the current year's mathematics papers. Our Mathematics test-prep series is replete with multiple assignments along with answers, most with step-by-step solutions, to enable students to assess their proficiency as they go from the simpler to the more complex exercises.

The EduwizardS online tests for CBSE students have covered the entire syllabus for all classes from all possible angles. For example, for class 9 all six units, viz., Number systems, algebra, coordinate geometry, geometry, mensuration, and statistics & probability have received saturation treatment. The prospective student will find thousands of questions on each topic to ensure that nothing is left to chance and no surprises are in store on examination day. Similarly, the mathematics syllabi for classes 10, 11 and 12 have been more than adequately covered and student confidence levels are bound to soar by making judicious use of these tests and their own sincere efforts.

The EduwizardS mathematics tests shall ensure that students who choose to take advantage of this service shall almost always emerge winners and be able to face the subject with a new confidence and vigor - even after they have completed their CBSE exams and moved forward to greater achievements in life!

CBSE Maths help from EduwizardS with maths questions, answers and test will be a great help for students to perform well in their CBSE math exam.

EduwizardS Free NCERT Mathematics Solutions

We at EduwizardS appreciate that students feel hassled with their hectic routine of hours spent at school, tuition and homework! Stop fretting! EduwizardS has come out with a comprehensive study package of NCERT Mathematics Solutions, which can serve the needs of stressed students, not only as an invaluable study aid but also as a vast bank of mathematics questions and answers. Our subject experts have prepared this exhaustive list of NCERT Mathematics questions and answers by offering detailed and step wise solutions to all questions given in the NCERT text books at the end of each chapter. Such a package presents students with the ideal tool for preparing for the exam by cross checking their answers with those given in this question bank.