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Even the best students often struggle with the tough concepts of Physics at the secondary level and find it difficult to boost their confidence levels at exam time. At the senior secondary level of CBSE, Physics has emerged from the transitional stage of general study of the basics to a more focused and complex learning of the specific laws and theories of physics. At final examination time, many-a-student has had sleepless nights in mastering this often difficult subject.

EduwizardS is emerging as the education portal for those CBSE students who want to improve their exam performance along with honing their test-taking skills by taking advantage of the online testing service offered by them. The web based CBSE Physics testing service offered by EduwizardS is an ideal way for students to prepare for the final examination through constant and systematic up gradation of their knowledge and a continuous assessment of their strong and weak points. Our diagnostic physics tests contain a multitude of multiple choice questions (MCQs), objective type questions, sample papers, and past years' papers to guide the students in the study of physics. Our Physics test-prep series is replete with multiple assignments along with answers, to enable students to gauge their proficiency and assess their progress in the subject. Each topic in every chapter has received the most detailed treatment and students using the tests as an exam aid will be find that taking the practice tests has instilled a new feeling of confidence in them.

Our expert faculty responsible for designing the online diagnostic tests for physics have made a careful study of the Physics CBSE syllabus for classes 11th and 12th and then structured the tests in such a way so as to permit a thorough and exhaustive revision of the entire physics course. All ten units for class 11 have been given equal importance and there are thousands of questions of all types including MCQs, objective type questions, sample tests, guess papers etc. Similarly, all ten units for grade 12 physics syllabus have been gone through in the greatest possible detail and the questions formulated in such a way so as to give the maximum possible benefit to the student.

Users shall find the EduwizardS Physics online testing and preparation program unique in many ways and can look forward to a novel product that can prove to be a pathway to excellent exam results.

EduwizardS Free NCERT Physics Solutions

EduwizardS provides students of NCERT Physics text books with an exhaustive range of free NCERT Physics solutions in which all questions given at the end of each chapter of the Physics text books have been solved with detailed answers and explanations. Perusal of this comprehensive range of solved and explanatory answers will go a long way in augmenting students preparation for the exams. By judicious use of these NCERT Physics solutions, students will find it easy to grasp the concepts underlying each chapter in the Physics CBSE syllabus. Our expert solutions to these NCERT Physics questions will help students to cross-check their own answers and determine where they have made a mistake and hence strengthen their weak areas.