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Science, as a subject of study at different levels in school, plays a vital role in developing in children a spirit of enquiry, creativity and objectivity. But very often, both at the primary and secondary levels, the study of science is the most time consuming and tedious part of any student's study schedule. Hurriedly explained scientific concepts in class are often not sufficient to give the average student the confidence to tackle the exams head-on.

EduwizardS is emerging as the education portal for those CBSE students who want to hone their test taking skills by taking advantage of the online testing service offered by them. The web based CBSE Science tests that comprise the program offered by EduwizardS is an ideal way for students to prepare for the final examination through constant and systematic upgradation of their knowledge and a continuous assessment of their strong and weak points. Our diagnostic science tests contain a multitude of multiple choice questions (MCQs), objective type questions, sample papers, and past years' papers to guide the students in the study of science. Our Science test-prep series is replete with multiple assignments along with answers, to enable students to gauge their proficiency and assess their progress in the subject.

The EduwizardS online tests for science for class 9th have almost saturation coverage with thousands of questions and exercises to cover all five units, viz., Food, Matter - its nature and behavior, Organization in the living world, Motion, force & work and Our environment. Similarly, for class 10th, the five study units, viz., Chemical substances, World of living, Effects of current, Light and Natural resources have been more than adequately covered from all possible angles and perspectives so that there can be no surprises on examination day.

By proper use of these test modules offered by EduwizardS, a diligent student can expect to be thoroughly prepared for the final exam and also be able to graduate with utmost ease to the study of Physics, Chemistry and Biology as individual subjects in the higher 11th and 12th classes.