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The EduwizardS Social Science testing program is a comprehensive web based facility that gives students following the CBSE curriculum the unique advantage of preparing for the exams by taking online tests that address all the topics that typically comprise this subject. The EduwizardS online testing service shall provide that cutting edge to a student's exam preparation and enable him to tackle the CBSE social science curriculum with refreshing vigor.

The EduwizardS social science online testing program has been the result of much painstaking research in the subject curriculum as well as style, so as to incorporate the best possible practices in online testing. It is designed to be different from many other such solutions available commercially and comprises sample tests, model test papers and thoughtfully framed questions along with answers so as to enable the student to make notable progress in his study of the subject while simultaneously being able to assess himself as he goes along. Our online practice tests employ a style that can engage both a newcomer to the subject as well as the more serious student who wants to score high in social science and hence enhance his overall examination performance.

EduwizardS social science test program consists of multiple choice questions (MCQ) for CBSE exam preparation. These multiple choice or objective type questions for CBSE examination gives student a chance to examine their social science exam preparation. The test program provides a very comprehensive result or report for each test taken by a student. This report gives detailed picture of student's performance in social science objective type questions test showing their strengths and weaknesses for different social science topics. With this report students can work on their weaknesses and perform better in their CBSE social science examination.

Our Social Science testing program has been developed keeping in mind the subject matter as prescribed by CBSE for classes 6th - 10th so as to make the final product as comprehensive as possible. Special emphasis has been given to the topics being covered in the higher 9th and 10th classes and the test questions have been framed after careful consideration of the real life examination papers. We have endeavored to include, amongst others, questions from topics such as 'India and the Contemporary World' covering the French Revolution, The Russian Revolution, Rise of Nazism etc. for class 9 and Nationalism in Europe, Nationalist movement in Indo-China and Nationalism in India for class 10th, under the same broad topic heading. All our test questions have been arranged in such a way that a student who is using our test prep service to progress from a junior level of class 6th to the higher classes like 9th and 10th systematically, shall find easy continuity in the questions. Students of all levels will find a huge number of objective type questions for their test preparation. The student shall also find a multitude of questions covering diverse topics of the CBSE Social Science curriculum such as Democratic politics, Understanding economics and Disaster Management.

Users shall find the EduwizardS Social Science online testing and preparation program unique in many ways and can look forward to a novel product that can prove to be a pathway to excellent exam results.